Woman who lost mum at 12 trains her siblings till adulthood and bags 3 degrees

A Nigerian TV presenter and model, Ijeoma Aniebo has praised her mother for taking up the responsibilities of a parent at a tender age.

She said her grandmother died when her mother was 12 years old, so she had to help her grandfather raise her younger siblings till they became adults.

The young lady shared the story on Twitter while reacting to a post asking people to reveal actions and decisions their mums took which they are proud of.

Ijeoma said that despite having to mature really young, her mother was able to graduate with a degree in Botany.

She also bagged a Masters in Microbiology and a doctorate in Medical Mycology after which she became a lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt.

The daughter was also proud of her mum for taking the university to court over a student’s unfair dismissal and she won the case.

She wrote; ”My mother lost her mother at age 12. Helped her dad raise her 6 younger siblings through a civil war.

BSC Botany, MSC Microbiology, PHD Medical Mycology. Became a lecturer at UniPort then took the University to court over the unlawful dismissal of a student and won!”

Similarly, a young girl known as Elizabeth who hawked due to being from a poor background, has been set on a path that will lead her to a bright future.

Founder of Chess In Slums Africa, Tunde Onakoya revealed that in 2021 he met her when was selling biscuits under Oshodi bridge in Lagos and she got an opportunity to continue school after joining his take kids off the streets via chess initiative.

He explained that Elizabeth showed interest in going to school even though she and her mum had no place to live.

According to Tunde, he paid for her entrance exams and she passed excellently well that she was offered admission into the University of Lagos for a degree in Education and History.

The techpreneur appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to support Elizabeth so that the can comfortable take care of all her needs while studying.

He wrote; Elizabeth was hawking biscuits under oshodi bridge with her Mum when we met her in 2021. They didn’t have a place to live but she wanted to go to school so we paid for her exams.

Today, she gained admission into Unilag to study Education and history. I’m not crying I promise😊 Hope, is everything. Okay let’s help Elizabeth settle into undergraduate life with ease. They still don’t have a place to live and she still does menial Jobs(Cleaning homes and offices) to support her mother.

We’re still fully committed to paying her tuition through University but I think at this point, she needs a Female mentor more than anything else. Please send @iamainembabazi a message if you can commit sometime to mentoring her. We can’t stop believing.