Woman takes back estranged husband who left her for almost a decade

A Twitter user has revealed that her aunt forgave and accepted her husband when he returned after abandoning her for nearly a decade.

The man reportedly left his wife in the house on a random day and did not return until eight years later.

According to the narrator known as @LeAmbivert, he apologised for leaving her and asked them to continue the marriage and she took him back.

“Men upping and leaving isn’t new at all. My aunt’s husband left and casually came back after 8 years lmao,” the tweet reads.


A user @TAAdeiye asked; Came back to do what

@LeAmbivert replied; To continue the marriage from where it stopped lmao

Another tweep @HamdeezK probed; Did she accept

@LeAmbivert said; Yup she did. That pissed my mum off.

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Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that a commercial motorcyclist, Dayo Akingbade appealed to a court to allow him part ways with his wife on the grounds of chronic infidelity.

The man asked a Mapo Grade A Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo state to grant his wife’s application for dissolution of his marriage.

His wife simply known as Dapo earlier accused him of being irresponsible. She filed the suit, and said it was because she was no longer willing to continue living as his wife.

”He never paid any bride price for my hand in marriage,” she said.

But in a counter claim, he accused his wife of being a serial adulterer.

He said; ”My lord, the real reason Dapo left my home is because of her adulterous lifestyle. After a series of complaints about the fact that she was bringing different men to my house, Dapo’s mother assisted her to move her things out of my apartment.

“My total daily income is N3,000 as an Okada rider, so I might not be able to afford N30,000 monthly feeding allowance for the children. Besides, I have remarried since she left my home over a year ago’’.

Delivering judgment, the court’s President, Mrs S.M. Akintayo held that there was no marriage to be dissolved between the petitioner and the respondent because of the absence of legal requirements of a customary marriage.

Akintayo said for any marriage to be recognised as a customary marriage under Nigerian law, there must be payment of bride price, capacity to marry, presentation of gifts and formal handover of the bride.