Woman suddenly runs mad after dropping from Keke Napep in Abia

A community in Umuahia, Abia state was thrown into commotion after a young lady instantly went berserk and lost her cognitive ability when she dropped from a Keke Napep (tricycle).

In a video making the rounds, she could be seen roaming the streets of Umuahia after she allegedly alighted from a tricycle, driven by an alleged ‘Yahoo boy’.

The yet-to-be identified girl was talking to herself and misbehaving on Aba road, thereby attractin a crowd of bystanders.

She was trying to remove her wig also also attempting to take off her shirt, revealing the black tube she wore underneath atop a pair of trousers.

According to some motorist, the girl, suspected to be around 25 years old, was dropped by a Keke NAPEP rider at about 12:30 pm near Uchenna Bus Stop.

In another news…

A Nigerian businessman identified as Uchenna Odu, has shared a shocking tale of how he brought tragedy upon the family of an acquaintance who vanished with his money.

He recounted when he started working in his father’s automobole business and gave the person N12,450,000 to help him buy vehicles in USA, but the person absconded with the money.

According to Uchenna, the culprit who hails from Anambra state, blocked him on all platforms, so he sought spiritual help and struck the guy with madness.

Taking to his Twitter handle @maziechidiime, narrated; “When I joined my father in the automobile business, I sent the total sum amount of ₦12,450,000 to someone to help me buy some vehicles in the United States, he ran away with my money! Blocked me from accessing him all over social media! He was an Igbo man from Anambra State!

Well I later sent him madness as pay back! The family still wants to make peace! Man is of age now! Do who do you! Eziokwu bu ndu. I will be tagging his son’s and daughter’s here soon! They’re among the useless feminists on X! There’s no joy again!”