Woman seeks divorce because husband refuses to find work

A housewife, Latifat AbdulYekeen, has approached an Area Court in Centre-Igboro, Ilorin, to seek the dissolution of her marriage because her husband ‘doesn’t want to work.’

The plaintiff told the court that her husband, Abdulsalam, refused to find work despite her father’s attempts to get him a job.

Latifat stated that due to his insistence on not being gainfully employed, they find it difficult eating good food at home and it led to malnourishment of both herself and their baby.

She said Mr Abdulsalam made her realised that he prefers contracts to regular jobs as it brings ‘quick’ money without stress.

She said; “My father had tried on many occasions to get a job for my husband, but he refused to honor his invitation each time he called him.

“He does not want to get a job. Rather, he prefers contracts that will fetch him quick money without much stress.

“His stubborn attitude has caused us a lot, as we hardly eat good food at home, which has made me and our baby to grow thin and look unkempt.

“I left the house four months ago and nobody has asked after me. That is why I want the court to separate us and grant me custody of my child”.

The presiding judge, Hammad Ajumobi said a man has the freedom to choose where he works and who he works with and that the petitioner should strive to understand her husband’s attitude.

Ajumobi said the respondent had written to the court, stating that he had been in an accident and would be unable to attend the hearing.

The judge, therefore adjourned the case until January 9 for hearing.