Woman reveals she and her husband did long-distance relationship for 10 months and neither cheated

A Nigerian woman identified as Eniola Ash, has taken to social media to disclose that she and her husband stayed faithful during a long-distance relationship.

She revealed that they were apart for 10 months and still kept their relationship going strong without any of them cheating.

According to Eniola, she and her man were in different continents when it all happened and tied the knot in July this year.

The woman shared her story on microblogging site, Twitter (X) after another tweep said no one is faithful in a long-distance relationship.

Eniola wrote: “My husband and I did long-distance for nearly 10 months. Across continents and time zones. We got married this July and neither of us cheated. So please, dead that narrative.”

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@Themichaelllll; I didn’t want to talk, I have seen couples do distance relationship and do it well. This is why you’ll never find a tweet of me agree-ing to that four people distance relationship thing. But for it to work, both of you have to be strong Christian’s in my opinion.

@odogwu_ogidi; People judge from their perspective. It is not everyone in a long distance relationship that cheats. It is a personal preference.

@sisicyber; Totally agree! Had an ex we dated and did long distance for one year and no one cheated. We didn’t end up together because his mum wanted him to marry her friends daugher. They married and got divorced. Anyways that’s not the story but fidelity is possible and doable

@iam_geeone; Distance is never a factor in cheating. Far or near, an irresponsible person will cheat on his/her partner. It takes fear of God, respect and discipline not to cheat on your partner.

@Sheunlabi; Distance isn’t a barrier to cheating. Lack of discipline is. So far, you both are self disciplined and determined, you’re good to go.

@Godwaynefaith_; It’s how you people portray your insecurities on people… that you can’t stay without cheating or you’ve dated people that cheats alot doesn’t mean they’re no humans that are 💯 faithful to their partner. It’s not their fault you’ve been unfortunate.