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Woman reportedly leaves husband of 14 years because he didn’t reciprocate her gesture by buying cookies for her



A marriage of 14 years has reportedly ended due to perceived self-centeredness on the part of the husband.

According to Twitter user @_JustLexxxx, a married woman left her husband after almost two decades of being together and it was all because he failed to buy cookies for her like she does for him.

It was gathered that whenever the wife goes grocery shopping, she buys cookies for both of them, but on one occasion, he was the one who went shopping, and he bought cookies for only himself.

The tweep wrote;

”Iyanla left her husband of 14 years because when she went grocery shopping, she’d buy the cookies he likes and the cookies she likes but the one time he did the shopping, he only bought the cookies he likes.

It be the smallest that opens your eyes to ppl not really liking you lol”

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