Woman rejects free surgery for removal of her goiter, requests N300k instead

A Nigerian woman identified as Mrs Folakemi, has reportedly turned down an offer for her goiter to be removed through surgery.

It was gathered that she has been suffering from goiter for a while and a Non-governmental organisation was able to raise N300,000.

The woman who hails from Ede local government in Osun state, was said to have refused to give her consent for a team of doctors to carry out the operation as she asked for the N300k instead.

Woman 300k goiter surgery

The NGO tried to make her reconsider her decision as there were serious health implications of not removing the goiter but she insisted on walking away with the money.

Mrs Folakemi was eventually N300,000 after which she went back to her village in Osun state. The incident left many Nigerians in disbelief.

In reaction, fiisiiayomi said; The money should have been given back to the donors!

mr.agugua; She Dey use the neck beg, and she’s lazy to do anything else than begging. She don calcu say if the surgery successful. No more begging money for her again. Na why she opted.

queenbee_shellz; Sometimes in life you just have to leave people how you met them, this is not hunger or poverty. Removing that thing will make her find a job and that what she’s avoiding. That’s her means of livelihood.

umycutie; Why give her the money? It should have been given back to the donors. There are others that genuinely want the services. This one is using this to cash out.

julliecassie; She has actually turned her aliment to a source of livelihood 😂😂😂 because why would anybody reject good health?

yes_am_adababy; Poverty mindset at work, so 300k is better than free medical service for your well-being??

pheyishola; This is Unbelievable,Person wey una go give sleep injection,but the time she wake up,nothing go de dere again. Or maybe this is her source of income and she prefers to keep begging for money with it Cos I just don’t understand what’s going on here

miz_wynne; The saying the heart of man is desperately wicked. The 300k will finish then she will be out on the streets again. Its well

9jawoman; I think she doesn’t want to lose the goiter because it’s probably what attracts sympathies and cash gifts to her the most. Haven’t you seen those women that pretend to be homeless with their kids but when you rent a house for them you see them sleeping outside the next day? Begging is the only business they’ve mastered.