Woman refuses to hold her newborn baby following stressful labour (Video)

A woman who recently became a mum did not seem to happy about the development when she got a chance to meet her baby.

The new mother refused to touch or hold her baby when nurses handed the child to her in the hospital ward.

In a video making the rounds online, she could be seen using her hand gesture to decline as a nurse tried to give her the newborn to hold.

The nurse tried again, but the evidently exhausted woman maintained a frown and chose not to look at the child.

Some women on social media opined that she could be going through post partum depression.

Watch the video below:

salveekee; If you haven’t given birth or don’t have idea of what’s wrong with the lady,don’t type trash

cerenza675; She is suffering from postpartum depression, this is the part of motherhood that people don’t see often! It’s not always joy for all new mums… God bless all mothers 🙌❤️

beckyfundz1; No Amount of pain would made me give my own baby that I carried for 9 good months such look 😢 at least a little smile is okay not the way she reacted. Nothing una fit tell me abeg . Which kind strong face be that !

apeke_xo; God bless Me and the beautiful woman❤️ reading this

hott_galz; Childbirth no suppose dey hard, children wey no dey like to go message 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

osas_kelvin03; Na still them go they tell us after 1 month say why we dey sleep far from them😂😂😂. They can forget easily and start touching our kokoro(dis tin) at night😂😂😂. Thank God say men thing no go school. 😂😍🔥

clear_stretch; This is clearly postpartum depressionnn. I pray may God help and bless her. 😍😍😍😍

ambitious_caleb; She don’t like the babe see her reaction toward the babe so bad

depuffboss; Na this post women go comment plenty put

biola.keji; She is not tired she is either suffering from postpartum depression or personal reason

v_toria122; It’s okay to feel this way. She’s going through post trauma depression

shes_lavy; God bless all good mothers and intending mums too ❤️❤️