Woman refuses to allow her daughter marry yahoo boy who funded her education

A woman has reportedly declined giving her blessings to a man who plans to marry her daughter, simply because he is an internet fraudster aka Yahoo boy.

The yahoo boy was said to have sponsored the woman’s daughter through school, put her on monthly allowance and also bought study materials that she needed in school.

He also took care of his girlfriend’s mother and her siblings at the same time he was funding her education. When she graduated and he felt the time was right for marriage, he approached the girl’s family to let them know his intentions but her mother rejected him.

A Twitter user @iam_gomez1 who shared the story on the microblogging platform, said the mum decided to arrange an sugar daddy who will be the one to marry her child, instead of the yahoo boy

He wrote; “This guy sponsored his girlfriend’s university education, paid her fees, bought her study materials, gave her monthly allowances, and took care of her mother and siblings. She has finished school, and my guy reached out to her mother to discuss marriage. They said their daughter can’t marry a ‘Yahoo boy.’ Lol, she went ahead to arrange a sugar daddy for her daughter. The man will be the one to marry her”.

In related news, a lady said she prefers getting married to an internet fraudster who is into Yahoo Plus than being with a man who has a regular job.

She explained that Yahoo Plus Boys usually cash out with the help of jazz so they which is a guaranteed way of making sure there is endless supply of money.

She said Yahoo boys are better than working class men because they can always renew their wealth whenever it looks like money is getting exhausted. According to her, if a working class man goes broke, he has no immediate way of getting rich or escaping financial problems.

The young lady stated this during a street interview as she further said that the fraudsters have family members they can use to replenish their riches, whereas the guys with normal jobs don’t have relatives which is why they are struggling day and night at work.

She also said she likes the way fraudsters pamper their girlfriends, take them out in their cars and how they act like cute couples with the babe in the front seat.

When asked if she would be comfortable staying with a Yahoo boy that is unable to make money for about three years, she rebuked the idea of such happening to her boyfriend.

She, however, reiterated that the benefit of being with him is that if the money gets exhausted he can always use the jazz and renew it. The interviewer also asked if she is not scared of the fact that EFCC operatives often go after Yahoo boys, but she said she has no business with them.

In other news, an American man has narrated the drama that unfolded after a case of paternity fraud was established and he discovered that he is sterile and not the biological father of his three children.

He said the doctor told him that he’s been infertile since he was born because it hereditary and there is no way he can impregnate a woman.

This left him confused because he’s been married for 15 years and his wife gave birth to three children for him, aged 15, 12 and 7.

He decided to take the kids for DNA test and the result came out negative – meaning they are not his children. He narrated how whenever they are watching advertisements about tracing their ancestry she always changes the channel.

The man decided to expose his wife on his birthday, so he organised a lavish party and invited friends, family and co-workers. He said that he later discovered that one of the kids belong to the mixologist he hired to perform at his birthday party.

He created a scene at the event which left guests stunned and one of the things he did was to get a woman to hold a placard directed at his wife which read; “You lying b**ch”. According to him, people advised him to continue taking care of the the children, which he agreed to, but he made up his mind that the marriage can no longer work.