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Woman records herself creating a scene at her bank while demanding her money be returned (Video)



A video showing the dramatic moment a Nigerian lady was furiously demanding that her bank returns money deducted from her account.

Interestingly, she was the one recording herself as she vented and said she would not leave until they ‘pay me my money.

A security guard tried to get close to her to either calm her down and stop her from filming the scene, but she warned him not to touch her or her phone.

Watch the video HERE

soft_swiss; Just forget about Nigerian banks. Do dig ground save your money.

mosfashiontrends; u sure say dem neva clear her acct

cokeofficial; Na she still record herself 🥲

cynthia_gaga1; Sometimes banks can misbehave ..

thelscents01; These banks can be annoying sometimes, on top your money

iam__hollystar; She for now use android do video so that e for no slow.

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