Woman receives Valentine gift her late husband ordered 4 days before his death

A Twitter lady known as @AQueenNamedB has revealed the romantic and heart-wrenching thing her late uncle did for his wife before he died.

She said the man ordered flowers and edible arrangement ahead of Valentine’s Day but he sadly died four days later.

According to the niece, the gifts were still delivered to the widow on February 15th even after the man passed away.

@AQueenNamedB said she took the items to her aunt, who was having her first Valentine without her hubby.

The tweep shared a photo of the flowers and a note that came with it which suggested that her uncle had a feeling something might happen to him on or before February 14th.

The note reads; “To My Wife, I Don’t Know Where I Am On This Day, But I Had To Make Sure Today Was Special Eves In My Possible Absence. If I Had To Leave U, Don’t Be Sad Always Remember I Love You-Karey”

The lady who shared the story on Twitter said if she had been the recipient, the note would have made her cry inconsolably.

She wrote; “I took my aunt some roses & an edible arrangement to her job yesterday since this was her first V-Day w/o my uncle. Why he ordered some flowers 4 days before he died & had them delivered. Granted, the shii just came today. But I would’ve had to leave work from crying so hard.😢

I would’ve been inconsolable after reading that!😭🕊️🖤”, she added.