Woman pours hot pot of soup on policeman for seizing her child’s phone (Watch video)

A Nigerian woman has been captured on tape assaulting a police officer while accusing him of stealing her daughter’s phone.

She emptied a hot pot of soup on the armed policeman’s body during a scuffle that took place in her kitchen.

The woman could be seen in the kitchen holding the officer’s uniform firmly while crying out and raising alarm for neighbours’ to come to her aid.

She claimed the security personnel unplugged the phone from where it was being charged and pocketed the device.

A lady who was recording the dramatic scene asked the assailant to come outside so that the problem could be resolved in a calm environment but she declined and kept shouting “You thief my pikin phone oh!”.
The policeman also asked her to follow him outside, but she maintained her hold on him and went ahead to tear his uniform and inner vest while searching his pocket for the phone.

Despite being roughhandled by her, the police officer never retaliated, rather he chose to pacify the intense situation.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, donwilly01_ said; But which Qualifications them take dey join Police self ABI na free ????

doro_dmw55; officer i give you much respect for that as you didn’t touch the woman you try for that ❤️❤️

officialpassmark; But why the policeman go enter kitchen shey him wan thief meat too 🤔😤

realmaleekchoice; Hmmmn d way am seeing this , this police officer come burst the boy for as per yahoo level, d way Dey burst guys everywhere , so d police took d don phone to check am u grab , na him d woman no gree , bcus normally wetin police squad fit go do for single mother house , I guess the boy still with his mum , this police officers ehn , bcus of extortion them go just Dey arrest boys up nd down , but d woman d woman too own come too much , well not surprise na woman Dey like to creat awareness na them go Dey beat u na them go still Dey cry

ibrahimbilatus; That looks like Ghanaian police officer but I hope he has the warrant of arrest before jumping into person apartment with gun to make an arrest?😮

kordiglam; Which kind wahala be this God😢 I Don tire for this country o

memes_by_simi; But Wetin police dey find for kitchen

chudeikem; This is sad. Our politicians are enjoying but we are fighting each other. The police are suffering. The people are suffering. Everybody is taking it on every body. Why can’t we just see that they are using us against ourselves?