Woman over-excited as hairdresser makes her daughter’s hair free of charge (Video)

A Nigerian mother could not contain her joy when a hair dresser made her little daughter’s hair without collecting money.

The hairdresser took to social media and shared a video which captured the heartwarming moment she did the girl’s hair.

According to her, the family had the intention of cutting the hair because the small girl doesn’t usually allow people touch her hair.

However, when she realised what they wanted to do, she was not comfortable allowing them cut it so she decided to make the hair for free.

In the video, the woman took the girl to her salon, washed her hair and started braiding it, but because she wouldn’t stop crying she decided to braid her.

When the hairdresser was done working on their hair, she took the little girl to her parents and her mum was ecstatic.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, a young lady recently went online to advise her peers on how they can get the hair for Christmas which their boyfriends failed to buy.

In a video she posted on social media, she urged women to sell off their boyfriend’s laptop and buy their wig of their choice.

She hinted that it’s not risky to do such because their boyfriend’s would not be angry at them forever simply because they sold their laptop.

”Your boyfriend will not be angry forever. Sell his laptop today and buy that Christmas hair,” she said.

Reacting, call_mi_luve wrote; Na person way get laptop na 😂😂😂

lloyd_santander; Like they no get sense again hair yi noni 😂

ola_wan_dah; God please help this girls them won kill their self because of hair

jhobo_chocho1; With ur eyes like police man torch light

eskizzofficial; Dem plenty for my school 😂😂😂😂 irun yi noni 😂

ka___shy01; Why are girls entitled with hair lol💔🚶‍♂️

crespo_lee04; You want break your BF cooking pot to buy wig, nah to later use that head for ritual remains once he no see anything chop again.