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Woman gives boyfriend N200k after selling her 3-yr-old brother for N410k

A 24-year-old woman, identified as Blessing Okonkwo, has confessed to selling her three-year old brother, Friday Okonkwo in Adamawa state.

She was arrested by men of the state police command and during interrogation, she disclosed that she sold her sibling at the cost of N410,000 to a willing buyer, Efunaya Nabufe, who trafficked him to Enugu city.

The young lady was said to have tricked her mother and taken the kid on false pretence of enrolling him in a school in the city of Mubi, where she lived.

Blessing, who blamed her action on the biting hardship in the country, said she purchased a grinding machine and also gave N200,000 to her boyfriend to get items for their wedding.

She said; “I used the proceed of the crime to buy a grinding machine so I can start a business and also gave my boyfriend N200,000 to buy items required for our tradition wedding.”

Sharing the backstory, mother of the victim, Hauwa Lawan narrated; “She visited some time last year and lied to me that she would be taking her kid brother to enroll him in a school in the city, seeing there’s no good school in our village.

“Ever since she took away the boy I never heard from him, because any time I called to hear his voice she kept telling me one lie or the other for one year now. I got tired of asking and since I least suspected my own daughter could do this to me, I didn’t raise any alarm.

“As God will have it, she took a proposed husband home to her father in the southeast, the father demanded to know the whereabouts of his child first before attending to her marriage proposal.

“She then lied to him that the kid was dead, but the father consulted an oracle and was told the child was alive. He then threatened her and she opened up and told him the truth; that he was living with a woman in Enugu.

“When her father informed me, I reported the matter to the police who swiftly arrested her and her accomplice, the child trafficker, one Efunaya Nabufe.”

Spokesperson for the police in Adamawa, SP Suleiman Nguroje confirmed the incident, and disclosed that the suspect is in custody alongside Nabufe in connection to the crime.