Woman furious as dispatch rider eats her bowl of banga soup and catfish (Video)

A Nigerian woman, simply known as Karen, has taken to social media to share her recent experience with a delivery man who ate her food.

The dispatch rider was given a bowl of banga soup and catfish to deliver to her but he ate half of the food before reaching the destination.

In a video shared on her TikTok page, she could be seen confronting the rider after he brought out the package and opened it in front of her.

The puzzled woman said; “My friend sent me a full bowl of banga soup and catfish and the dispatch rider ate half of it.”

She wondered what she was supposed to do with the hal bowl of soup, but the delivery man who seemed speechless, could not defend his actions.

Watch video below:

Reacting, @teejayviruz wrote; I will just be happy because I’m adding a bike to my garage.

@hamiltonawah; On my life I’ll seize his bike. It’s even the audacity sef.

@__rowlan; The effrontery to even come and deliver this. You for just even run

@Olabosipo9; If hunger kill rider for road, how he go take deliver anything?😂

@Tenny_0240; Leave the guy country hard abeg. What he did is wrong but

@Ladytaeofficial; No nah, Sebi you people said dispatch riders are nice people and humans too 😂🤣 so why’s she complaining? 🌚 Awon eranko.

@Ebikemeoyas2; Give him the remaining soup, there is hunger in the land don’t be too wicked by reporting him. Give him the remaining soup let him eat it well while him too give you his bike

@MadQueenLady; There are some things that beating just seems appropriate for. Jail is too much, shouting is too little, beating is just perfect!

@khalidofabuja; Una just dey attack the guy.. this doesn’t look staged to you people.. who goes to pick a delivery with video.. plus someone ate your food and you never for once showed his face?

@karoseffect; When we are sending out food, I wrap the hell out of it. 😭😭 God abeg ohhh. Make dem nor do me this thing.