Woman furious after finding out her husband bought same Valentine gift for she and his late brother’s wife

South African radio presenter identified as Mitchelle Karoro, has expressed disappointment at her husband for what he did to celebrate her on Valentine’s Day.

She said the Valentine gift her partner bought for her is the same item he also got for the wife of his brother who died last year.

Mitchelle Karoro husband valentine

Mitchelle said she found out about what he did when the widow called her to thank him for the generous gesture towards her.

The entrepreneur was furious that he decided to get the same thing for both of them and also doing it behind her back.

In her words; “My partner’s brother passed away late last year and the wife phoned yesterday asking me to thank my partner for buying her a valentine present. I pretended to have known about it and she went on to tell me what it was and guess what ladies it’s the same present he bought for me. I am very angry and feel degraded how could he buy both of us the same present? Am l missing something here?

The big issue here is that, why buying her a gift in the 1st on top of that doing it behind my back, he definitely got a lot of explaining to do, a good one too. I don’t have time for her, I will deal with the so called man.”

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@sean105101; That was a good gesture but he should have involved you ,maybe buy the gift together and take it to her together 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

@talk2veee; Go offline and have a conversation, we aren’t the people you should be reporting him to. Should this really be an issue? She’s his sister in law,he’s just trying to do what his brother could have done. Besides, see her as a sister since both of you are involved with men from same family. She told you out of excitement,not to spite you

@n6oflife6; This sounds so Ungrateful. 🙄For starters What present did you get for your Man? 🤔 Your man’s whole brother died. He is being a gentleman by taking care of his Brothers widow. I bet you would still complain worse if he got her a different present. 🤮

@NAMBITHA; I suggest you tell him how thoughtful it was of him to honor his brother like that. Then ask him in future to not buy you both the same gift. I don’t think he meant to insult you. He was just lazy!

@Iam_a_winner1; It’s not a bad thing. He just wants her to not miss her husband too much and maybe the brother would have done the same if he were to be in his shoes but him not telling you is the problem here.

@TheJohnJohnShow; Idk…. Simple compassion…. That lady husband just died a few months ago. And your husband bought her a gift because no one else would be. Then he bought her a gift that his wife (you) would like… I think your anger is overshadowing the fact that your husband just may be a really good guy.