Woman finds out two months after marriage that her husband is a cleaner not accountant

A Nigerian lady has shared the story of her cousin who made a shocking discovery about her husband few months after getting married.

According to @Redfairylee on Twitter, her cousin’s husband made her believe he was an accountant during courtship.

However, two months into their marriage, she discovered that he was actually not an accountant but a cleaner at his place of work.

She tweeted; “My cousin just found out that her husband is a cleaner in his office and not the accountant as he claimed to be, after 2 months of marriage.”

Reacting, @OkunmuyideItunu; If he is taking care of their home, nothing to worry about. She should encourage him in academic if there is s need to and help to seek better employment. With love, open and good communication they can overcome anything.

@Ms_saleh1994; Divorced him as Accountant and remarried him as a cleaner. We must get things right. Marriage must be build on trust, honesty, sincerity and love not lie and deceit. My humble advice

@ogbmartins77; Deceit. A marriage can be annulled if a deceit is detected. If she files for divorce, it will be approved. If he can lie about his job, he could be lying about every other thing. Better now than later

@justelvis11; Your cousin marriage will not last obviously because of her family, herself and the guy.

@OJessica28; Did they meet one day and got married the next day? Stories like this are just hard to believe.

In other news, Nigerian movie star, Bimbo Ademoye has said the first salary she earned for her debut movie was N12,500 (Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Naira).

She said that she producers informed her that she will get the payment six months after shooting.

Ademoye made this known during a chat with the YouTuber Hawa Magaji, as she opened up about personal issues she deals with in her career.

The Nollywood actress who said she battled with self esteem issues that morphed into anxiety, also hinted that her parents’ divorce was a contributory factor.

According to Ademoye, she had low self-esteem since her childhood and it is something she had to learn to deal with in the movie industry.

The sensational actress also said she still experiences anxiety, and her dad helps her deal with it, hence the reason for the father-daughter bond they share.

She said; “If I’m in a room with more than 10 people, I start to have an anxiety attack. I think my social anxiety came from having low self-esteem issues growing up, not being with my parents. I grew up with this thought in my head that nobody wanted to be around me.

“I don’t really like human beings because I feel like they are full of shit based on my experience. Most times I love to be by myself. I’d rather not deal with the hurt that people tend to bring. I’d rather just be on my own and just be around the few people that I’ve given access to me.

“I’m still dealing with that even at this stage. That’s why I’m very close to my dad because [he] was very big on helping me with that. I wet the bed for a long time. I’m talking about SS2 and SS3. My dad laughed it off. My first ever acting gig, they told me they were going to pay me N12,500 and they were going to pay me six months after shooting. My dad paid for my shooting budget of N50,000 during the shoot.”