Woman finds out her husband used their ‘japa’ funds to play sports betting

A Nigerian man has reportedly played bet with the money he and his wife were saving towards their plans for relocation to another country.

The couple have a joint account where they usually deposit money and withdraw at will without the other person’s signature. According to a Twitter user King Esene, the man withdrew almost all the funds and lost it to sports betting.

He said the wife found out that her spouse used their joint money to gamble and she is threatening to divorce him.

The post reads; “Husband and W!fe had japa plans & have both been saving in a joint acct operated by both parties but withdrawals can be made by one party. Wife discovered few days ago that Husband has withdrawn almost all the money and used it for sports betting. She is now threatening divorce.”

In reaction, a tweep @feso_tee said; Threatening?! She’s a better woman than me.

@obehieguakhide; I support the wife. If he couldn’t take her into confidence about his plans, then they shouldn’t be together

@DamiTheOG_; She should not only divorce, but she should get him arrested

@TeezyFBaby1; When you talk about the evils of sports betting, too many people get defensive. Less than 1% of people who engage in sports betting have wins.

@lakunle70; Only divorce? Person wen suppose carry follow go abattoir go deal!! God Abeg!

@moadelekan; She is only threatening? She better hurry up and start the divorce process. That man is going to ruin her.

@Victor_Terhemba; It’s like she too is not serious like her husband. She for first leave the house then send the man the divorce papers via GIG Courier

@Ola_mara_mma; She should not threaten She should take action especially if she’s the higher “saver”

@Milla_Shinggu; Joint account but withdrawals by only the husband? Is the wife not receiving alerts too at least for accountability? This is not adding up.