Woman files for divorce because her husband ‘follows anything under skirt’

A businesswoman identified as Mrs Jane Ebi, has initiated the process for the dissolution of her marriage owing to her husband’s alleged promiscuity.

She dragged her husband to a Jikwoyi Customary Court in Abuja on Friday seeking a divorce because he keeps “following everything under skirt”.

The wife accused her partner, Mr Monday, of being hot-tempered, wicked, and having a bad attitude of getting drunk and pursuing different women.

She alleged that her husband had been trying to get her out of the way by killing her. The petitioner also told the court that her husband passes nights outside their matrimonial home.

“My husband always sleeps outside our matrimonial home with small girls leaving me and the children in danger.

“I have done all I can to make the respondent change from that life, but he has refused to change. It’s on these grounds that I seek to divorce him,” she explained.

The respondent, who is a driver, denied the allegations. The presiding judge, Doocivir Yawe, however, advised the couple to explore reconciliation and adjourned the matter until March 7, for report of settlement or hearing.

In another news…

A Nigerian man, Taiwo Ajadi, has filed for divorce from wife, Mariam over alleged disobedience and wayward attitude.

The couple appeared before an Area Court in Ilorin, Kwara state where he pleaded for the marriage to be dissolved and he be given custody of their children. Mr Ajadi and his wife have three children: an 11-year-old girl, a boy, 8; and another girl, 4.

The defense counsel, Maruf Ibrahim told the court that his client, Mariam, agreed to the divorce but not on the basis of the allegations levelled against her.

He said the woman was not in any way disobedient to her husband as Mr Ajadi alleged, neither was she wayward in any manner. Ibrahim further told the court that Mariam also wanted custody of their three children.

The counsel described the children as minors and argued that the husband should be responsible for their school fees and maintenance.

The Presiding Judge, AbdulQadir Ibrahim said the applicant should produce evidence and witnesses on reasons why he should have custody of the children.