Woman encounters strange creature while taking a run in ‘haunted forest’

A Caucasian woman, Kay Borleis, has shared her experience after unknowingly running past a strange figure believed to be a ghost called ‘Night Marcher Demon’.

She encountered the human-like creature said to be an ancient Hawaiian warrior while running the HURT 100-Mile Endurance Run on the Honolulu Mauka trails in O’ahu in January 2019.

The lady, a senior art director said till this day, she still cannot fathom what the creature in the rainforest was even as she looked through old photos.

Borleis creature

“To this day, we still don’t know what it was,” Borleis said in a blog post.

The race, Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail known as HURT 100, is a 20-mile loop through the rainforests that participants run five times.

Borleis’ friend, Cassie was running the fourth lap with her when Cassie snapped the photographs, which she shared with friends and family.

Kay Borleis Hawaii run

“After dinner, we drive back to our Airbnb and Cassie receives a text from her mom. It was about one of the photos Cassie had sent.

It was a “live” (moving photo) that showed a dark figure dressed in a cloak moving past me while I was running.’

Now, I know my memory is quite shotty after the race and even while racing, but I did not remember passing a person on that strip of trail. Cassie didn’t either and she had her wits to her,” Borleis explained.

The Night Marcher, according to legend, are ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors who protected people so sacred that the common man was never allowed to look at them.