Woman divorces husband 7 years after he demanded refund of N20k he loaned her for hospital bill

A Nigerian lady identified as Gloria Patricks, has shared an interesting story involving her uncle and aunt who are currently divorced.

She said there was a time the man asked his wife to refund the N20,000 she borrowed from him to pay for hospital bill when she was due for labour and had to get a Caesarian section.

According to Gloria, the woman eventually divorced her hubby seven years later as a result of another incident unrelated to the N20k.

She tweeted; “My uncle told my aunt “Pay me back the 20k I used to complete the hospital bills. It’s not me that told you to deliver through CS.

Emphasis on complete, the money she had wasn’t enough. Nah still him surname the pikin carry oo 😭 The pikin come resemble am on top”

A Twitter user, @Idris_Bashira queried; Please tell me she divorced him

Gloria replied; “She did. 7 years later tho! For reasons unrelated to this. She always regret not divorcing him after that statement. She says that alone should’ve been an eye opener for her.”

In another news…

A Nigerian woman has revealed that she and her husband got into a heated quarrel after he linked up with his ex-wife and brought her to his family home.

She said the woman was first married to her husband and they welcomed a son, but the marriage ended eight years ago.

However, during their recent trip home, the ex found her way to their village and told the man that she wants to see their son.

He took her to his family house and she met her mother-in-law who gave her a tour of the compound.

The former wife met the current wife in the house and exchanged pleasantries after which she left, but her hubby was not happy that his wife did not give his ex some refreshments or entertain her.

This provoked the woman who then chided him for following his ex around and being too familiar with her all of a sudden.