Woman discovers her husband is impotent, secretly gets other men to give her babies

A newly wedded Nigerian lady found out that her husband cannot make a woman pregnant, but she chose to look for a solution in her own way.

She refused to confront him about it or threaten to leave the marriage, rather she decided to get pregnant by different men.

The married woman kept having affair with men outside the marriage and bearing children whom she then brings home to her husband as his own. In a message leaked on Facebook by Princess Chelsea , she revealed that her husband is unaware that all the kids with his wife are not his biologically.

She said her husband returned home one day and told her he got another lady pregnant, before going ahead to beg her forgiveness. According to her, the lady who got pregnant for her husband wants to be settled off and sent abroad to keep quiet about the pregnancy.

But the woman said she was surprised about the side chic’s claim because she is aware her husband is unable to make any woman pregnant.

The post reads in part: “Now, I don’t know how to tell my husband that the woman (side chic) is just a chronic liar. I’m that confident because I know my husband is medically impotent. However, I’m scared I will lose my marriage if he gets to know that the kids at home are also not his.”

In similar news, an American man has narrated the drama that unfolded after a case of paternity fraud was established and he discovered that he is sterile and not the biological father of his three children.

He said the doctor told him that he’s been infertile since he was born because it hereditary and there is no way he can impregnate a woman.

This left him confused because he’s been married for 15 years and his wife gave birth to three children for him, aged 15, 12 and 7.

He decided to take the kids for DNA test and the result came out negative – meaning they are not his children. He narrated how whenever they are watching advertisements about tracing their ancestry she always changes the channel.

The man decided to expose his wife on his birthday, so he organised a lavish party and invited friends, family and co-workers. He said that he later discovered that one of the kids belong to the mixologist he hired to perform at his birthday party.

He created a scene at the event which left guests stunned and one of the things he did was to get a woman to hold a placard directed at his wife which read; “You lying b**ch”. According to him, people advised him to continue taking care of the the children, which he agreed to, but he made up his mind that the marriage can no longer work.