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Woman Caught Trying To Sleep With Her Best Friend’s Husband in a Hotel (Video)



Ladies, be careful of the friends you keep and the people you bring home to meet your husband as some of them might just be plotting on how to share or snatch him away from you. In a video currently trending on the internet, a Nigerian woman, identified as Chinasa, aka; Madam Kpom, has been exposed after she was caught trying to sleep with her best friend’s husband in a hotel room.

The said man who staunchly ruled a line on such infidelity told his wife about it and they both hatched a plan on how to unravel and disgrace the woman.

The seductress was thus, lured to a hotel and thinking she was alone in the room with the man, the elderly woman removed her dress and was ready for action. It was then that her friend emerged and caught her so-called friend in the act.[AdSense-B]


According to the the heartbroken lady, she also has the audio recordings of Chinasa aka Madam Kpom talking dirty with her husband.

Watch the video below;

Reactions trailed the video… See some below…

– My Sister talk to your husband because even though you posted this Clip! It has showed the insecurity and suspension in your Marriage! The lady is guilty! All of you are guity! For posting your marriage problem on Facebook. That’s the power of media anyway! People have problems more than this but for the sake of their marriage they settle the case behind the camera! It’s a pity! Wrong advise! The person who advised you to post this video has killed your marriage! You need God’s intervention to fix your marriage my Sis! Talk! Talk to your husband! Something is fishing here my dear!For that set up alone! Your husband is guilty and he could be arrested for blackmailing. Thanks and Good luck!!

– I strongly believe that everybody in that hotel room is guilty of the same offence. But the man is architect. The man is the one who lead this woman into temptation and he will never go unpunished for destroying the marriage of This woman. Jobless foolish man

– Chaii,i don’t like dis set up oh, see why Jesus told those who wanted to stone a prostitute that he who is innocent of these crimes should cast d first stone? And they all fled. Both d setup and the setupee are all not innocent but guilty of the same crime.

– What have u achieved? Y didn’t u video ur community penis husband as well. Abeg face ur husband n leave d woman alone joor… Did she tie a rope on ur husband’s neck? Some women n stupidity.



Two Police Officers Were Seen Shopping For Lingerie In Lagos:

Two police constables, clad in their uniforms were pictured in a market scene in Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos and as the case would have been, while many would have guessed they had gone to pick up some men’s clothing materials(even on duty), that was not the case here.

But Interestingly, they were caught on pictures in a ladies accessory shop checking out lingeries. Lol.[AdSense-B]


It is still unknown who they might have wanted to do the purchase for though, probably their wives or partners. A surprising gift for women is always romantic, you know. And oh! When it has to be a lingerie..!

See the photos below…

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