Woman captured on tape stylishly giving her man cash to pay bill at restaurant (Watch video)

A video which has warmed the hearts of many online shows the moment an Asian woman supported her husband while on a date.

She gave him cash while they were at a restaurant so that he could settle the bill which seemed to have been on the high side.

They were sitting with some other persons and chatting when the bill came and the man checked the cash he had on him.

He dipped his hand in his pocket and started counting what he had, when his woman saw him, she codedy dipped her hands in her purse and brought out a wad of cash.

In the heartwarming video reposted by blogger, Tunde Ednut, she then slid the money to him under the table and continued the conversation like nothing happened.

Sharing the clip, Ednut wrote; ”Men, once you have, just make her your first priority. God bless you all. Tough times don’t last, so far you get up and keep hustling. It must pay off. God bless your relationship.

On behalf of the lovely men, I just wanna say THANK YOU to these women. Thank you. This message is to someone out there.”

Watch below:

See how Instagram users reacted below..

bitcoin_chief; Na this type of you cheat on God go curse you😂

bitcoin_chief; God bless Good women

monicafriday1; Amen🙌❤️ I love you my King wherever you are. I will send you 1million dollars when I get manage the 2k. ATM my account balance dey vex for me. 😪alert go enter this night.

thescarletgomez; GOD BLESS YOU FOR ME PAPA @temigomez ❤️

nohpheesat; You don’t need to be financially stable to support your man. Motivate him. Love him, encourage, support him both emotionally and financially if you can, understand ,challenge, pray and grow with him.

mirapickin; But men are really trying ooo,they have alot of responsibilities, even when they don’t have,they will burden it inside and struggling with it,may God bless all men all over the world especially my big brother,you guys deserves happiness and comfort

beccaszn; Be careful who you build with tho,some people will use you for the foundation then complete it with someone else ✌️

temmiey_; Sha don’t let anybody use you to build foundation,then complete the structure with someone else 🌚🌚

nuella_moni; A woman will do anything for her man if only he respects, loves, cares for her, and most importantly treat her like a queen. A woman will go extra mile for a man if she feels safe and she knows your love for her is 100 percent legit. Trust me women aren’t complicated. We will stand by you come rain come shine. 👏

swt_anniiee; You’ll support finish and start suffering when he has money. Don’t support any man abeg, stay with him because you want to and make your own money. Because e go shock you.

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