Woman buys Tesla for daughter’s 16th birthday but she rejects it and demands Benz (Watch video)

An African American woman has revealed that her daughter rejected a car she bought for her to celebrate her 16th birthday.

She bought a Tesla to mark her sweet 16 birthday but the teenage girl was unhappy about the type of car.

A video circulating on the internet shows the moment she showed her daughter the Tesla but the way she reacted made the woman feel she is ungrateful.

She said she wanted a pink Mercedes Benz and she was furious that despite telling her mum her preference she still got a different ride.

The woman also gave her 1600 dollars but the girl said it was not enough for her sweet 16 birthday, so she told her mum to take it all back.

Watch the video:


Reacting, preraantony; Person when you suppose cook only rice and stew for with chicken legs na in you go dey buy car for

simpaaabena; Here in Ghana 🇬🇭 most parent don’t care about your fucking birthdays. None of parents even gifted toffee on my birthdays before. ungrateful child😢😢😢😢

moneybagyo07; if this was my daughter then she has 2 more years left to stay in my house. also she isn’t going to get this car. I will have it sold.

princess_is_royalty1; Well can’t be me sha!!! Coz your next car, would definitely be your husband’s issue. What non sense. Even bicycle tire, them no buy for me. What is even sweet about the 16 sef? 😏. Just a bunch of brats

official_yanki_p; This is definitely a skit 😮 This ain’t real story 😌 Looking at the mum’s cars, house interior and their environment but learning learned. This kids got no chill in america 🇺🇸

mellow_tiger22; You need to be embarrassed. You are part of her problem

takeasit; Dude .. u raised her … can’t say much more. I know I could never speak to my mom that way .. even in my dreams I know better🤷🏿‍♂️

jenniferjennynancy; Na u train her 👏👏👏 congratulations

speciiallady; I’m really hoping this isn’t real because she would get a little dragging that day.

takeetymee; “I guess I’ll take it back and get her a pink Mercedes”” 😂😂 wtf that’s exactly why she acting like that cuz mom pretty bowing down to her child. She need a damn job to buy her own shit. I know some adults that would of greatly appreciated a Tesla and $1600 as a gift. But y’all raises y’all kids different cuz I wish mines would

wakeup34553; Your child should be grateful that you got her a car she could be like other kids and don’t have a car on a sweet 16 birthday much less by their own car I wouldn’t take that car back she will either drive that car or walk her choice but I wouldn’t like condone her behavior and get her a pink Mercedes for what you ain’t got no job so be buying no Mercedes.

I was always taught if you want something in life you get off your lazy butt and you work for it but you should make her do and she would appreciate it more and make her pay some bills cuz I have to the teacher of the values of not being ungrateful and being grateful for everything that you get she should be blessed that y’all can’t afford a car for her it’s only by God’s will but she’s your child you do what you want but I wouldn’t contain that she would drive the car that I provide or not at all I’m just saying