Woman berates hotel management for allowing loyal customers to be arrested (Video)

A Nigerian lady has confronted management and staff of a hotel for not preventing the arrest of some guests that lodged.

She claimed that the Economic and Financial Crimes, (EFCC) stormed the hotel to arrest and whisk away some lodgers.

In a video making the rounds online, she shouted at the hotel staff for not intervening when the EFCC operatives showed up at the premises.

She said the customers that were arrested have been staying at the hotel for three years.

However, as she was speaking in the lounge, hotel staff could be seen engaging in other activities as some guests walked around the premises.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, olawealth454 said; Apartment is better than hotel now oo

steve_household_equipment; Na hotel dey call efcc na..na today???no b news again na..hotel no safe again oo..most hotels even have cctv camera inside there rooms .na apartments na him safe now oo..hotel don cast since

derrick_oparaku; what if na the hotel call EFCC😮

agu_ji_egbee; Naija is a lawless country, the Law is applied to the poor and does not apply to the rich and politically balanced people.

iamjohnlayk; They can arrest anywhere, what if the hotel is a hidden place …. Does that mean all criminals can hid there…..

council_man; They are the government

kvng_j4y; He do yahoo Abi e no do yahoo?

famous_fresh_daddy; I I’d experience it myself in Kogi state it was a setup to us to by the pool guy while we inside the pool then they badge in to pick us

im_terryscott_smg; Any hotel way do this for me no fit function again 🤞🏻

lilmighty_xdf; It might even be the hotel that visited them😢

mustapha.haggi; Without no proper paper work they don’t have any right to enter and arrest anybody in the hotel premises 🤦🏾‍♂️ but what a country we are .

khufu257; Is there an arrest warrant? If there was an arrest warrant, the hotel is right if not they are wrong.

Meanwhile, employees of a hotel have brutalised a young man for being unable to pay the bill he incurred while lodging at the establishment

It was gathered that he lodged into a top class hotel posing as a big boy and ordered a variety of items.

When the attendant went to his room and asked to pay for the items, he started giving excuses till alarm was raised.

Other employees barged into the room and demanded he settled the bill which was when he confessed that he did not have money.

The young man was consequently brutalised for deceiving them into allowing him lodge and buy things knowing fully well that he was broke.

A viral video showed a lady beating and slapping him mercilessly while some men were also trying to get their hands on him.

The table in his room had plates of food stacked on each other and bottles which he had consumed.

Mixed reactions greeted the video as netizens criticised the boy for his action but also condemned the hotel staff for assaulting him.