Wizkid sells us a lot of nonsense as music – TV host, Big Ma

Media Personality, Big Ma has lambasted Nigerian Afrobeats maestro, Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid for selling nonsense to fans.

She said that he is able to successfully sells the songs that do not make sense because he has an unexplainable grace.

The presenter also said that she is not a big fan of Wizkid and it might come as a disappointment to many.

Speaking during a TV show, Big Ma said she has wondered on different occasions how Wizkid is still relevant because his songs lack content.

Watch video:

Reacting, @suneripapa said; Zero pen game. Songs are full of repetitions and incoherent stories. But laslas, na nonsense dey sell.

@Oyetunji007; Yet he has 5 songwriter awards. Jokes on you

@Jesse4mu; my problem is not their criticism, it’s the vile manner at which they criticize. “am not a big fan” “he sells a lot of nonsense”. Madam you get beef with am before?

@Supaman247; I swear 😂😂, they plenty wey dey like that, always looking for an opportunity to spew the hate in their mind. They don’t even know how to sugarcoat it

@RazaqAzeez9; It’s funny how we keep saying Wizkid sings nonsense, the same us that listen to Girlfriend, Soungasm, Tesojue, Soapy and so on. Since we want to be talking abt Wizkid giving us nonsense, I think it should be generalized.

@Hardeyinka_56; Must you talk about wizzy in every interview? There are many artists out there , talk about them and leave wizzy alone , now I see the reason why he said he’s no more doing show in Lagos again

@harijhe; Truth is most Nigerians actually did love wizkid and his songs when he just came to stardom. Albums like superstar, joy and EP: sound from the other side were superb. Those albums were true to the Nigerian identity. Ojuelegba and it’s remix is a global sound. But the reality had set it in for most of us who are objective. Wiz fell off the wagon and it’s obvious that he was carried on the Made in Lagos album and MLLE is a disasterclass. So expressing one’s honest opinion is not about hate for him. The truth is just the simple truth.