Wife publicly confronts bus driver husband for wasting his daily income on betting (Watch video)

A Ghanaian woman has been captured on tape confronting her husband who is drives commercial bus for a living.

She accosted him at his place of work because he lost his entire earnings on sports betting and causing their family to go hungry.

The woman who created a scene refused to let her man load passengers into the bus and go about his daily routine.

According to Atinka, she accused him of being a useless husband who is addicted to sports betting that he lost all the money he made from work.

In a video posted online, she could be seen standing in front of his bus in a bid to prevent him from driving away.

People tried t pacify her but it only seemed to provoke her more because she charged at passengers that wanted to the bus and told them to go elsewhere.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, florcourages wrote; Stay away from unemployed women who solely depend on U…..

oforithiagogideon; This drama outside ain’t an option, don’t depend solely on a man, work for ya own too

anyimon; Madam easy ooo 😂😂. He invested in youth empowerment

i._alpha; Say no to betting😏

prosperchinoyerem; The woman no fit work to support her husband

elikem_the_gossip; Aaaah…the husband too fool like that

ernestcharway; Eeii this economy and pressure….even Pastors dey stake bet😂🤣🤣

jerrysagedecorideas; Las las .. nah the woman get the shame .. her stupid display and actions can never change the man. Get sense and make ur home work.

Similarly, a Nigerian lady identified as Maryam Lasisi has revealed that she lost interest in a man he was interested in dating due to his reaction to losing out in sports betting.

She recounted when she called him on phone and he was crying uncontrollably because his ticket cut and she felt irritated.

According to Maryam, though she does not see anything wrong with a man showing emotions, she felt the way he cried was too much for a man.

She explained that her impression of him changed because of that incident, so she dumped the idea of going into a relationship with him.

Maryam wrote; ”I called him and he was crying because his bet cut. I’m all for men showing emotions but hearing “Omo I f**k up” while someone was crying his eyes out was very cringe. Omo, I couldn’t look at him the same way again abeg.”