Wife bathes husband with dirty water, breaks his head one month into marriage (Watch video)

Chaos has overtaken the home of a Nigerian couple that just got married last December as they fight endlessly over domestic squabbles.

A video which is making the rounds on social media shows the couple throwing fists in their house in the presence of the man’s parents.

Wife break bottle husband head

The woman prevented her husband from going to work by pouring dirty water on his body as he was about to step out of the door. This provoked him into grabbing her shirt shoving her back.

A Twitter user @LalaUsijuu, who was a guest at the wedding, shared the clip with the caption; “See wedding weh we just attend this December.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

In another part, the wife threw an object towards him but he dodged it. As if that was not enough, she later took a bottle and broke it on his head after he changed out of his work clothes.

Watch the video:

@Emmanue94991705 commented; God I know I said I would never touch a woman, but damnn!; I go too lil frost this woman

@seleenino; Can never be me sha because I go abandon the entire country for you so as not to unalive someone’s child.

@Yoursinem; Short women are never beating the allegation. Avoid short women oo

@Ziyechman; Wom3n like this don’t deserve good things in life

@fadererah_; See the way she broke bottle 😭😭😭 you just know she’s a pro agbero

@FunmiKolz; God abeg. He should better run for his life. This woman is abusive

@Tcastolo_; If you like go and marry from poverty trenches. Na this kind behavior you go dey see daily.