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Wicked friends tell you ‘it’s grace’ when you ask them to show you how they are prospering – Omokri



Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s ex-media aide, Reno Omokri has asserted that only people who are wicked do not tell their friends the secret to their success.

According to the social commentator, true friends will tell you how and what they are doing that enable them to prosper, whereas wicked friends will only tell you ‘it’s grace.

He, however, admonished people to show their friends the right way to prosperity so that if they encounter challenges in life, those same friends would return the favour.

He wrote; ”Wicked friends tell you ‘it is grace’ when you ask them to show you how they are prospering.

Good friends tell you ‘it is like this’ when you ask them the same question. Don’t be afraid to light other people’s candies. You may need them when yours goes out! #RenosNuggets”

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