Why women should stop calling their husbands ‘baby’ – Pastor Tomi Arayomi (Video)

UK-based Nigerian preacher, Tomi Arayomi has explained why it is wrong for married women to be calling their husbands ‘baby’.

He stated that wives are using their anointed mouths to speak forth the kind of man they want and referring to their husbands as babies simply means wanting him to act as one.

Speaking during a recent sermon at his church, Arayomi pointed out emphasised the need for women to desist from using such pet names on their partners if they want them to start acting differently.

The pastor also pointed out how some of them get disappointed with their husband’s behavior; when their husbands exhibit a tantrum that is akin to that of a child.

Tomi Arayomi, citing instances in the Holy Bible, recalled when Abigail made her husband, David a great man by referring to him as her Lord.

Watch him speak:

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