Why women are attracted to Portable, Speed Darlington – Reminisce

Nigerian rap sensation, Reminisce, has explained why women are often drawn to men like Bobrisky, a crossdresser, as well as musicians Speed Darlington and Portable.

He said the personalities and confidence of the controversial male entertainers are the main reason women are attracted to them.

Reminisce Portable

Speaking during a chat on The Zero Conditions podcast, Reminisce explained that confidence plays a significant role in attracting women, and individuals like Bob, Speedy and Portable possess a certain level of self-assuredness that is appealing.

The ‘Kako Be Chicken’ crooner further noted that that some ladies may be attracted to popular figures due to the belief that being associated with them can enhance their social standing.

He said the reasoning behind that is that the women see dating a personality as a chance that can provide a boost in social status for them, which places them in a larger circle of influence to be able to gain access to exclusive events and opportunities.

Watch the interview:

Meanwhile, in another news…

Darlington Okoye also known as Speed Darlington has become an advocate for men scammed by women under false pretense.

He announced in a video that he now charges N10,000 to expose any woman who collects transport money from a guy and refuses to honour the agreement to visit him.

It came after Speed Darlington called out a married woman for allegedly receiving N2,800 from him and failing to show up at his lodge.

In the video of him advertising his services, the US-based internet sensation, asked men who have lost money to women under similar circumstances and wish for a payback to contact him.

He said such an act of obtaining money under false pretense is fraud, even if the reason for sending the money was because of the man’s need to satisfy his urges.

Akpi as he is fondly called, said any interested man should send N10k to his bank account in Nigeria, share proof of payment, then send her photograph, their chats showing that there was a case of fraud.