Why we shouldn’t criticise those going back to their exes – Caramel Plugg

Nigerian content creator, Ogechi Ukonu better known as Caramel Plugg has decried the lack of true love in the society as of today.

Caramel lamented about the dating scene being empty and stated that people who are reconciling with their ex-lovers should not be blamed.

She posted a video of herself ranting over the numerous talking stages she’s been in since her last relationship and went on to encourage those who are considering going back to their exes.

Why we shouldn't blame those going back to their exes - Caramel Plugg

The Instagram influencer lamented over how she has had to introduce herself countless times to different men during talking stages.

Sharing the video clip, Caramel Plugg captioned; “They want to use “what do you do??” to wound me!!! 😭😭😩😭 oh chim! only god can save us 😩”

In her words; “At this point I don’t blame anybody for going back to their ex, do you know why? Because these streets are cold! These streets are freezing. People on this street, they are living dangerously.

Everybody is reckless, they don’t care, as you see me like this, I don’t have any more talking stages in me. If I tell you how many times I’ve said my name. ‘What’s your name? What do you do?’ Even after this talking stage, you will still go back to square one.”

Watch video below:

Read some comments…

motopedahh; I understand the street is cold. But you people don’t like peppered turkey? 😢

themay_jayne; My own talking stage say he needs to sleep with me to be comfortable with me. Omo🙂

serofia_; This video came at the right time.. person who needed to hear this and assume it’s a shade was right beside me 😂

vitaminmyra; Talking stage… u go talk until there’s nothing left to talk about… abeg make nobody stress me. I’m the only daughter of my parents.

bellajorbe; Anything about “tell me about yourself” should avoid me cuz I’m tired 😮

ugochukwudike_; Ex wey you know why you leave am before, you must leave am again.

aliuabibat; My own problem is that,so i will start from what are your likes and dislikes😂😂😂dear ex,let’s review this ship again my love😂😍.tenks.

pep._xx; where do you see yourself in 5years ?😂! what’s your fear? Egbewawormen oh 😂