Why people underrate me – Singer, BNXN

Popular Afrobeats sensation, Daniel Benson, professionally known as BNXN, has said he is an underrated artiste.

He stated this via Twitter while sampling his newly released song, ‘Wo Wo’ adding that he is underrated because he was not made by any prominent or influencer person.

BNXN further said that fans should blame whatever is happening on features, and his still relevant even though there were attempts to tame him.

He wrote; “Blame it on features , some underrate us… but it’s only cause there’s NOBODY that made us. I was wilding out and they thought they could tame us.”

See his post:

In other news, a group of young Nigerian men working abroad have sent messages to their family members begging them to send money home.

In a video which surfaced online, two young men who were in a bushy field revealed that it was their place of work.

They claimed to only make less than 50 Euros despite how they toil and work hard to survive in Europe.

They showed off the unfavourale working condition and told relatives that it is what they do for a living abroad so they should not be expected to send money which will be used to have fun in Nigeria.

One of them placed a curse on ungrateful relatives who express disappointment when they are not able to get money from them.

In reaction, mz_amakagrace said; What were u guys expecting to do before, if u go school u go see better work work na. It’s ur choice nobody forced u, all these Europe motivational speakers don too much make una rest Abeg.

_dejigram; Lol you traveled to another man’s country with zero qualifications and you did not even try to do one or two courses so you’d have access to jobs. Don’t come here and be spitting rubbish do the needful!

othylo_; When everybody go know say money no Dey UK? Una no Dey see usa 🇺🇸 travel go!

olu_herodotus; Ppl are suffering in Europe especially immigrants whatever they send to you at home please appreciate it

derbie_______001; Abeg shut up😡who sent you there? And that thunder go fire u too 😡werey man 😏na people wey Dey beg u money I Dey blame 😏come on get out

sbn_michael; Y’all always sound like you were forced, Abeg rest 😂

nelsonchikanwafor; Europe is hard oooo Money dey naija ooo just find a legitimate Business in Nigeria stay focused and I can confidently guarantee you will win in Nigeria. Forget japa nothing dey outside .