Why Nigerian men should stop talking about DNA test – Shade Ladipo

Nigerian radio and TV presenter, Shade Ladipo, has urged men in the country to stop speaking about demanding a DNA test from their partners.

She stated that with what Nigerian men have put women through a lot in relationships, paternity fraud is a repercussion for their deeds.

Ladipo spoke when she appeared as a guest on the Bahd and Boujee podcast co-hosted by Tolanibaj and Moet Abebe. She said most men like to believe they are best at cheating, having multiple partners and even children outside of their marriage, but that is not the case.

Nigerian men should stop talking about DNA test - Shade Ladipo

The media personality further stated that even though men usually think they are getting away with the infidelity, the women act unaware and also return the favour.

She, however, admitted that some women who engage in paternity fraud are actually wayward, while others do it because of their husband’s sexual indiscipline.

Shade Ladipo said; “Nigerian men want to believe that they are best in cheating, having children, second wife… Most men will die and the next thing they have children outside.

“All the Nigerian men who have been cheating on your wives, what do you think your wives were doing? Do you think they did not know that you were on the streets running around.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are some women in the mix who were just wayward. But for what Nigerian men have put Nigerian women through please let’s leave this DNA topic for a while.”

Watch her speak: