Why Nigerian bloggers need to stop addressing me as ‘crossdresser’ – Bobrisky

Lagos-based socialite, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky has sent an ‘enlightening’ message to Nigerian blogs about his right title.

Bobrisky took to his social media page and lamented about how bloggers, especially Instablog9ja keep referring to him as a crossdresser.


He claimed that he no longer has a male organ, hence why he should not be referred to as a crossdresser anymore. The brand influencer went on to explain the difference between crossdressing and transgender women.

Bobrisky wrote; “Now let me school you instablog. A cross dresser is a man who haven’t done any surgeries yet, a man associating himself with alot of women dresses, hair, makeup etc…

TRANSGENDER: trans are men who has done almost all d surgery to became a WOMAN. They have physically done almost all d surgeries, their boobs, face, hairline, body etc..but still have their pim pim there £4, In some cases many want to leave it there cos they want it that way.

TRANS WOMEN: A trans woman (short for transgender woman) is a woman who was assigned male at birth. Trans women have a female gender identity and may experience gender dysphoria (distress brought upon by the discrepancy between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth).

[1] Gender dysphoria may be treated with gender affirming care . In other word trans women don’t have their pim pim anymore, they are now a woman . That’s who is bob. Hope you learned instablog.”

In another news..

CorrectNG reported days ago that Bobrisky urged the public to stop meddling in his desire to switch genders. He said everybody should respect his choice and allow him live his life the way he wants without always criticising.

Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to make the plea while noting that he should be allowed to answer when his creator asks him why he decided to transform from man to woman.

He said people will not be buried together when they die, so no one can answer a question in the afterlife on his behalf.

He wrote; “Now let me lecture many of you here, there’s something called “CHOICE ” learn to respect people choice. Let everyone live. At the end of the day if we all d*e we aren’t going to be buried in d same place, you can’t answer my question for me if my creator ask me to explain how I lived my life on earth. So relax and mind ur business.

If my creator wake me up and ask me to explain why he create a man and I turned myself to a beautiful woman, I will defend myself and tell him why. You won’t be there to explain for me. So mind ur business”.