Why married women must stop begging their exes for money – Female lawyer

A Nigerian activist and lawyer has said it is wrong for any married woman to ask her ex-boyfriend for money.

She said it is an insult to the woman’s husband, and advised those who do it to desist forthwith for the sake of their marriage.

According to the lawyer with Twitter username @justsociety4all, it also creates room for adultery as there could be temptations on her part or unusual requests from the lender.

She wrote; “Married women should stop begging their Ex’s for money. It’s an insult to your husband, it’s also create ways for Adultery.”

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In reaction, @jopele2171 said; It’s so weird…..and they just normalise adulterous behaviour at the snap 🫰 of their finger!!!

@Akpama9Samuel; Of course adultery will step in after they will say is the work of devil, rather it’s greedines

@KelechiUche10; Please tell them. But there husbands should be men enough and live up to their responsibilities

@BillGraeen12; Ex for a help, while she was inside, she never knew her husband was coming, when he overheard her begging her Ex for money. This issue lingered for months, it took grace of God and my Landlady’s intervention over the matter, that guy man rest for the issue. Life experience.

@rude_411; Help me tell them in “ELLUP’S” Rythmn!!..It makes me half way sick of getting married despite the fact that I really want to..

@oladejo_amusat; It’s called palliative afterwards Nigeria government do give palliative occasionally to the citizens. Nothing bad.

@JacksonOkpale; Married men should stop giving their Ex’s money. It’s an insult to your wife. It’s also a partway to committing adultery.

@woleafolabi3; It’s preposterously appalling, ridiculously pathetic, debilitatingly destructive…. just to describe it in few words ..

@BillGraeen12; Well, make I put mouth for this matta wey dey ground. First, you as a woman, once you are legally married to a man, stay put that marriage. If you a true student of history, you will note that this whole thing started lately, from 1960s to mid 1990s it wasn’t like this.