Why it’s not wrong for celebrities to repeat clothes – Designer, Veekee James

A Nigerian fashion designer, Veekee James says any celebrity who repeats a clothe they have once won for an event did nothing wrong.

The young entrepreneur said it is all about personal choice for any of the public figures to wear an outfit twice, but she would personally not do same.

According to Veekee, if she wears an outfit for an event, she will not don that same dress when attending another occasion because as a fashion stylist, she always has to showcase her designs and such social gatherings are the best place for that.

Veekee repeat clothe

She explained this in an interview while responding to a question about the assumptions that celebrities are not expected to repeat clothes already worn in the public

Veekee said; “I feel it is a personal decision for the celebrity to make. I don’t think it is wrong for someone who is popular to wear an outfit twice. I think it is just a thing with them. I don’t know if I fall into this category, because I will not wear an outfit I have worn to an event to another event. That is because I am a fashion designer.

Every time, I get to showcase another design. There are celebrities I know who wear a particular design different times, but they don’t get to photograph it another time. This is the knowledge that the public has. Since they only see this picture once on a celeb’s social media page, they feel that is how it is. What is the point of photographing the outfit one has worn to an event again when one has already photographed it to a previous event?”

Vee who has styled actresses, Funke Akindele and Osas Ighodaro, also talked about how she was able to build a relationship with them.

“I have worked with so many celebrities. For the celebrities, it is more like a fashion designer-to-customer relationship. I think I just have a way of communicating with them. If a person respects me, I respect that person as well.

“We just have that cordial relationship. Osas Ighodaro and a few others are close to me and they have been a blessing to my brand, and I have been (a blessing) to theirs too. The person I enjoy working with most will be Osas, because she supports me 100 per cent,” she said.