Why it is not advisable to date Nigerian Women – BBNaija star, Uriel

Reality TV star, Uriel Oputa, has queried Nigerian women for being materialistic, while expressing concern over why they prioritize constantly demanding money from men.

The Big Brother Naija two-time housemate raised questions in an Instagram page, where she noted that she wouldn’t recommend her brother to date them.

Uriel wondered why some women from Nigeria feel the need to put a price tag on everything, including their body.

She emphasized that a man should give money to a woman out of respect, not because she constantly demands it.

The YouTube cooking content creator acknowledged that times are tough and expressed her desire for a man who would take care of her, while she would also like to take care of him.

Uriel also advised men to evaluate the person they like before proceeding to have a relationship as the women could potentially make them end up in the ground.

She wrote: “We are living in desperate times. ladies how did we get to the stage of asking a guy you just met to pay for your hair, so you can go on a date with him.?? why can’t we have respect for ourselves?? why must we bill at every opportunity??

Even if he gives you money let it be out of respect. why are we putting price tags on our private area?? is it plantain? we are living is desperate times wickedness full every where the rich and poor no dey smile. Pls evaluate your favourite because they could potentially land you 6 ft under.

“I love a man to look after me but just also be willing to look after him too honestly with the way things are I would advise my brother not to date Nigerian women.”