Why is it okay for men to divorce multiple times but women can’t do same – Daddy Freeze

On-Air-Personality and event anchor, Daddy Freeze has posed a question on double standards regarding different treatment of divorced women in comparison with men.

He took to his social media pages to ask why a man is allowed to marry and divorce up to four times without being criticised, but if a woman tries to remarry after a divorce, it becomes a problem.

Daddy Freeze said he does not have a personal issue with either of the scenarios but he is curious as to why the reaction to both cases are usually different.

He wrote: “Why is it that a man can marry and divorce 4 times and remarry again with no issues, but once a woman tries to remarry after divorce una go begin talk? I have zero issues either scenario, just asking out of curiosity.”

Meanwhile, in another news…

CorrectNG recalls that Daddy Freeze once revealed that he counselled 83 married women out of which 65 were having extra-marital affairs.

The radio host said the counseling happened in 2018 and the unfaithful women were ‘spirit-filled’ warriors in the church he used to attend.

He said: “Intercourse is very very very important in a marriage or in a committed relationship. Don’t marry someone that can not satisfy you. Let me give you some scary statistics as a church leader. First, remember the Freenation Church only started in 2017, so all our members came from other churches, largely pentefraudsta.

“In 2018, I counselled 83 married women. Sixty-five of them had cheated on their husbands, and 43 of them had cheated more than once. At the same time, 25 of them were in current relationships with other men. These were spirit-filled prayer warriors o. Some were even workers in my former Pentecostal church.

“If intercourse is not that important, please, why were they cheating?, from the moment you are engaged, my advice is, sample the goods, and taste the milk before you buy the cow. There is no scripture that says it is sinful for an engaged couple to have intercourse. The word fornication was coined by authors of the King James Bible, and it never included sex between engaged or betrothed couples. Don’t be misled by motivational speakers.”