Why I’m yet to get married – Burna Boy

Superstar singer, Damini Ogulu professionally known as Burna Boy has been seen in a trending video explaining why he has not gotten married.

In the throwback video dug up by Nigerians, the self-acclaimed African Giant said he was yet to find the rightful partner hence why he’s still unmarried.

Why I'm yet to get married - Burna Boy

Burna Boy also said he is putting everything in God’s hand to provide him with a ‘make sense’ wife. He added that he hates it when women try to use lies and false agenda just to be with him.

The Grammy winner said; “If God say make I marry, I will marry. Na God dey do all, me I just dey follow. I don’t hate nobody, I just don’t like it when they used lies and agendas”.

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In related news…

Winner of Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’, Mercy Eke recently said she would not bother getting married if she had a child out of wedlock.

The reality TV star revealed that she is under pressure from her mother to find a husband and settle down, but she had contemplated having a baby through surrogacy.

She said: I had said that I was gonna buy a baby. Not like buying a baby. Just get someone, take my eggs, get someone to be a sperm donor, hire a surrogate and have a beautiful baby.

That is what I was thinking because [of] my mum and her village people. She’s always going from one traditional wedding to another. You know, when you had gone to one thousand traditional weddings, they are now asking, ‘When is your daughter doing her own?’ I said, ‘Mummy, nobody should pressure me o!’

So, I was like I could just have a baby. Happiness is happiness anywhere you find it. If you wanna give birth, you wanna get it elsewhere. That’s why I love Westerners. They just do what they like. Unlike where people would want you to be a certain way. But right now, I love that people, especially women, are doing what they like, however they deem fit.

Now, that marriage sef. It’s like I go just carry belle, born, and rest. And, once I have a baby outside of marriage, I am not getting married again. Because the kind of love I will give to that baby, I will not love any man again. All my love, I will give it to my baby. So, I’ve only one relationship left in me.