Why I’m not bothered about Portable having 7 other women – 4th baby mama, Ashabi Simple (Video)

Portable’s fourth baby mama, Akinyanju Omobolarinde better known as Ashabi Simple, says she does care that the singer has seven other lovers.

The actress said that she always imagines herself as the only woman that the Zazuu star is married to and this keeps her sane in the relationship.

Ashabi Simple Portable 4th baby mama

Ashabi talked about how she navigates her baby daddy’s relationship with other women while speaking in a recent interview with actress Biola Adebayo.

The mother of one also stated that whenever Portable leaves their home, she mentally accepts that he has gone to work and get money to provide for them, so she patiently waits for his return.

Why I'm not bothered that Portable has 7 women - Ashabi

Ashabi also admitted to being aware of his promiscuous ways, as she recalled that when they were having an affair before she got pregnant, she knew he was involved with other women.

When Biola asked if she is not afraid of contracting a deadly STD from the singer, the mother-of-one rebuked the idea of him ever getting infected with a disease.

But she also said if Portable does contract a disease, they will all have it together, including his other side chics and if it is a deadly disease, they will die of it together.

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