Why I’d choose music over comedy – Skit-maker, Nasboi

Nigerian content creator, Lawal Nasiru also known as Nasboi, has said he will choose music over comedy if he is mandated to pick one.

He revealed in an interview that he started his entertainment career as a musician, but it was hunger and depression that made him to start doing comedy.

Nasboi, who just released a trending song, ‘Umbrella’ also dismissed speculations that he wants to dump skit-making. He said he intends to combine both.

Nasboi choose music over comedy

He said; “I would choose music, because it is my first love. Comedy came later. Though I have always been quite funny, it was actually hunger and depression that made me start comedy. Funnily enough, I am a very shy person.”

“I have not stopped comedy. I intend to create a balance, though I know I might not move at the same pace as before, but I will surely do both.”

On how he handles creative block, the skit-maker said it was a struggle for him initially but now he just plays around and the problem gets solved.

Nasboi said; “When I started, I did not know how to handle creative blocks, and often feared that my talent had ended. But now, I understand it better, so whenever I am having a creative block, I just play around. Sometimes, I go to the beach with my friends, and have fun, and before you know it, I already have a joke. Before, whenever I had a creative block, I would be depressed and sleep all day, but I handle it well now.”

When asked about his relationship with veterans in the comedy industry, he said; “I don’t restrict myself to only my age grade. In fact, I love veterans a lot, because they inspired me. I learnt how to be funny by watching the likes of John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu; Charles Inojie, and Frank Odega. I learnt some gestures from them, so I will always respect them. I am also friends with some of them”