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Why I won’t criticise Tinubu’s government now – Soyinka

Noble laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has said that he would reserve all his observations about President Bola Tinubu’s administration until one year into his tenure in May 2024.

The playwright stated this on Sunday when he paid a courtesy visit to the president at his private residence in Lagos state where he is holidaying.

Soyinka explained that it was his personal policy, as he often gives presidents one year in office before giving his opinion about their performance.

He emphasised that the one-year delay gives the President enough time to “make up” for lost grounds.

The novelist then stated that around the same time next year he should be asked the same question about Tinubu and they will get his answer.

Soyinka said; “Well, you know, something you may have noticed about me is that most heads of state, when they take office, I always leave them alone for about the first year…Because they need time.

“I know when they come in, they don’t start from ground zero. They often start even lower than ground zero and they have to make up.

“So, I’m adopting the same principle this time. When you see me next year, ask the same question again and listen to my answer”.