Why I won’t assist my husband if he’s struggling financially – Nigerian feminist

A Nigerian feminist simply known as Uloma, has said that she will not support her husband if he is struggling financially.

She made the statement in response to a tweep @juscallmeorgans who asked what women will do if rent is due and their husband is unable to pay

The question reads; “I have a question for my girls. Say your husband is struggling financially and rent is due. Are you guys paying it or do you guys expect him to find a solution on his own?”

In response, Uloma said it is a man’s duty to provide for the family and the woman’s duty to take care of the home.

According to the tech enthusiast, when a woman helps a man in need of financial assistance she is stripping him of his manhood.

She wrote; “He’s a man and his duty is to provide while yours is to make the home. When you provide, you’re stripping him of his manhood and turning him into a woman.

So let him figure it out on his own. It’s best you become homeless than you pay the rent. That’s how the patriarchy works.”

When another tweep commented; Where would you sleep though?

Uloma answered; “I’ll find a man who can pay rent, marry him and make his home. Women are always ready for homemaking, we just need a home to make. Any man that is not capable of providing does not deserve a home.”

In other news, a young man identified as Dave Partner has warned African parents about the dangers of sending their children abroad to study at an early age.

In an advisory video making the rounds online, he said any parent who send their kids to school in other countries too early have lost them forever.

According to Dave, the number of times they may see their son or daughter again might not be up to 10 times before they die.

He said the fact that some people are rich enough to send their wards to US, UK or Canada does not mean they should do it when they are still minors.

He explained that they get accustomed to the new sociaty they are living in, and embrace a foreign culture which is alien to that of an African home.

The business trainer said one of the factors which influences a child’s change in character is what he learns in school, either from teachers of his fellow students.

Dave Partner said that the parent might only be able to see them when they graduate or after getting married to a white lady.

He further said that they will also not be interested in taking over the family business because they did not learn anything about it from their mum or dad.

The man stressed that there are a lot of things that change the child overseas which are enough to make them become distant and detached from their roots.