Why I still charge N50 for N5,000 amid naira shortage – Viral POS operator

A Point of Sales (POS) operator, Sulaiman Olawuyi, who became the centre of attention when it was discovered that he was charging N50 for N5,000 withdrawal, has revealed why he chose not to follow his colleagues in inflating charges.

Speaking in an interview, the Building graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun said he decided to be sincere in his dealings with people, among other issues.

According to Olawuyi, after finishing his NYSC programme in 2019 he thought of what to do to make money since he can’t steal or get involved into Yahoo Yahoo (cybercrime), so he decided to make good of the little money he was able to save and ventured into PoS and sale of cooking gas.

Explaining the reason for not towing the same path as other POS operators, he said; Before this hardship started, we were collecting N50 for the withdrawal of N1,000; N100 for N1,500 up to N6,000. Any amount greater than that like N7,000 up to N10,000, we charge N150; from N10,000 to N14,000, we charge N200, and from N14,000 to N20,000, we charge N250. Now that the country is in this kind of situation, we can’t say because people do not have any choice, they should pay outrageous charges to withdraw money. We can’t say because of that, we increase the charges to whatever we want. In whatever you do, you have to consider two things. First, your Lord, and ask yourself that if you do this, what will likely be the reward from God? Secondly, service to humanity is something you must also consider because the way you treat people when they need you is the same way they will treat you when you need them.

I still maintain the same charges up till now. It is N50 for N1,000; N100 for N1,500. It is N150 for N6,000 and above up to N10,000.

Whenever people ask where i get the cash I use to transact business, I don’t answer it directly because I have to appreciate those who usually make this happen. The number one person I can never forget in my life is Mummy Ore; she sells foodstuffs. Anytime she makes sales, she gives the money to me so that I can give to people. The second person is a woman living in my house. She is my neighbour. She sells foodstuffs and provisions in Kuto market. There’s another woman; Mummy Korede. She’s a very good woman. Whenever she makes sales in her shop, she brings the money down here, and some of those that even come here to withdraw money; whenever they see someone in town with cash, they used to direct them here to come and do transfer. So, that’s how we’re able to make money.Was there no time you disappointed your customers?

Many people always call me on the phone before coming to ask if I have cash, and I used to tell them the current situation on the ground. Most people know that we usually give money early in the morning. When I get home at night, the old woman in my house usually gives me between N60,000 and N70,000. So, when I get here in the morning, the money will be with me because I don’t give out money in the midnight. When I get here in the morning, people who come early in the morning always get cash.