Why I prefer older women – Chike [Video]

Popular singer and songwriter, Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, professionally known as Chike, has revealed that he prefers dating older women.

He said his preference for older women was because most women were only able to communicate properly when they were “slightly advanced in age.”

The ‘Ego Oyibo’ singer made the statement when he featured as a guest in a recent episode of the Unpack Podcast hosted by NAY.

Chike prefer older women

Chike said his past two relationships were with women older than him, and the reason was because he does not see what he will be doing with a 23-year-old, as she will only focus on social media.

He said; “Most can’t communicate properly. The time you start finding a woman who can communicate, they are slightly advanced in age. Not a girl of 23 years. Imagine I’m running around with some 23-year-old, what’s she going to handle? What’s she going to understand?

“She just wanna take pictures and be on Instagram and tell everybody that she’s dating you. What are you unpacking for that person? Let’s be honest, you can find younger women who are so mature but they are rare. But you find it more in older women.

“Then before you know, you find guys dating older women. And you wonder what is going on. It’s because as a guy when you are getting to a place where you want a certain level of peace, it’s only older women that can give you that.

“The past two relationships I have been in, they [my partners] have been older than me. There is no small girl that can say I am dating her. I mean, I probably just say ‘Hi’ to them [younger women]. And that’s it. It’s not going to get past that. Because I know where it’s going. Our visions are just not the same.”

Watch the interview: