Why I left music at the peak of my career – Korede Bello

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Korede Bello has revealed that he dumped music to study Mass Communication at the University.

The former Mavin Records signee who was a huge rave in 2014 when he just got signed, left his fame and returned to school at the peak of his career.

Korede Bello, whose hit song, ‘Godwin’ dominated charts in the year of its release, said he chose to pursue a degree in Mass Communication because he sees that news is not much different from music.

The singer, in an interview with New Telegraph also talked about how he has been able to cope with the mental health struggles that come with being in the entertainment industry, as well as his decision to leave his music career and study mass communication.

Korede said; “I love education, not so much traditional education, but I love to learn how the world works and how the human mind operates. So getting a degree in Mass Communication seemed congruent with my profession.

“Writing a headline is similar to writing a chorus. They both have to be catchy and evoke some emotional reaction. Music and news are both languages of emotional connection. So, it is a good thing to be educated on your passion. I have observed that you can be the most famous or richest person on earth and still be unhappy or unsatisfied on the inside.”

Meanwhile, Nigerian actress, Genoveva Umeh, has revealed that she is a lawyer, but she abandoned legal practice to explore a career in the movie industry.

The star of ‘Far From Home’ revealed that she is a British immigrant, and the sacrifices her parents made for was enough to see the need to study law as a backup plan.

According to Genoveva, she chose acting as a career path because she was passionate about the profession.

The fun-loving screen diva said her career is just taking off and she is excited about future prospects but she doesn’t expect anybody to see her as a role model because she does not want to be driven by the urge to make decisions based on public expectations.

The actress said; “My career has only just started and I’m grateful for how versatile the roles that I’ve played are and on huge platforms as well. Any role that allows me to transform, I would obviously do well. I love to challenge myself. I don’t like to take on the same role twice. Every character is kind of different.

“I picked acting because I’m extremely passionate about it. It was almost as though I couldn’t shake it. Essentially, I realised that it was something that made me the happiest. Although, I thought it was a hobby. I figured that I was really talented and I was really passionate about it.

“For my law degree, I wanted it for backup because at the end of the day, I’m a first-generation immigrant and I understand how hard my parents worked to get me to the United Kingdom. I didn’t want to let them down because that would be too selfish.”