Why I increased my acting fee after traveling abroad – Junior Pope

Seasoned Nollywood actor, Pope Odonwodo, popularly kknown as Junior Pope, has revealed that he upgraded his service fee after he traveled abroad and received special treatment.

He made this known during an interview while revealing that it was his colleague, Mercy Johnson who explained to him that he will know his true worth when he leaves Nigeria for work.

Junior Pope recalled the warm reception he got from fans when he went to Senegal and Gambia, and when he returned from the trip, he increased his acting fee.

He said; “No, not at all. It was just like my first experience in Senegal. As an actor, I could remember Mercy Johnson telling me I would know my true worth whenever I travelled out of the country for work. The first time I travelled to Senegal, the welcome I got at the airport was massive. I enjoyed a similar reception in The Gambia, right from the airport. The love was massive. As a matter of fact, when I returned to Nigeria, I increased my artist fee because I was flabbergasted by the love I was shown. At some point, while walking on the street, people come out to hug me and show love. It was an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.

I enjoy it a lot, particularly because I am an extrovert. I studied Accounting in school, and when I got a place to work after graduation, I realised that I would have to sit in a place, and my kind of person does not like that. I want to be able to explore. I am inquisitive and curious, so I want to see the world, especially historically significant places. So long as there are resources, there is no reason for me not to travel.”

He also adviced his colleagues who intend to travel out of the country that they should go to Gambia instead of European countries. According to him, that is one of the safest places to visit in Africa.

“My advice to them is that there is no need to waste their money going to European countries. I believe that The Gambia is one of the safest places in Africa, with with zero-tolerance for rape and other crimes. It is a lovely country to visit. It is a beautiful country and I will encourage those who want to visit to do. Many westerners flock to that country for holidays,” Pope said.

Speaking on what he will do if he is offered citizenship of any country, the actor said; “Canada is the new ‘cool’ destination. In my opinion, it is far better than the United States of America. I am beginning to notice a wave of people flocking to the country. Anywhere you see Nigerians, one would know that the place is fruitful. I would gladly take Canadian citizenship if offered.”