Why I hate white garment churches – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Founder and Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie has revealed that he does not like white garment churches.

The televangelist said during service that he hates that church denomination because of their method of worship.

Ibiyeomie told his congregation that many would dislike the Celestial Church of Christ if they knew what they do in their churches.

He claimed that some of the white garment prophets carry out incantations by using people’s names.

The clergyman went further to explain how the name of someone can be soaked in a bottle of gin and a prophet then begins to make incantations until such person would be struck and get drunk without consuming any alcohol.

Ibiyeomie said; “Do you know why I hate white garment churches, people don’t know why I hate them. if you know what they do you will never like them. They can take your surname and put it inside bottle of gin and make incantations…”

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Meanwhile, Nigerian comedian turned pastor, Abiodun Olapade, popularly known as MC Abbey has said that pastors do not go into ministry to make money.

The Master of Ceremonies stated this during an interview while arguing that people who become genuine clerics were called by God and they do it for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When asked if the assumptions about pastors are true, Abbey said; “Well, it is a wrong notion. People just generalise stuff. There is no iota of truth in that. A genuine man of God called by God is not in it for money.

He is in it for the purpose of the gospel. I have been the one spending my money in the ministry. We are also not looking for funds. I still go to my church, House on the Rock, and I have told my pastor that I am not leaving in a hurry.”

Speaking on why he delved into ministry, the comic act said God chose his path, but he had already been in the ministry as far back as 1985 before he started comedy.

He gave a rundown of how he lived his life in school which portrayed him as someone who has always lived a spiritual life.

MC Abbey said; It is God that chooses one’s path. I started ministry way back in 1985 before I started comedy. I was in primary school then. That was when I got born again and started a fellowship in my school.

When I got to secondary school, I was a fellowship head, up to the Anambra State University, Awka, where I pioneered the Word of Life Campus Fellowship and I became the first national president.

I have always led my life around church. When I left school, I thought I was going to go straight into ministry but I was told by God to hold on till the right time, which He would tell me. It was through God’s divine direction that I was ushered into anchoring events and comedy, which I did not find funny at that time because I was not interested.

That defining moment convinced me to do it and I thought it was going to be for some few years. Then, I was going to do ministry, but it (comedy and anchoring events) lingered for 30 something more years.

Every time I felt the nudge within me, I asked God what was happening and He kept telling me to hold on. There was a time I was in Lagos and I wanted to start my ministry and I prayed over it, but it seemed that God went on holidays in my head that day. I woke up the next day and asked everyone to forget about it.